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簡單, 方便, 易用

數量: 100 個Kroc Bellys 藥丸粉末袋


重量: 0.34lbs


Kroc Belly™ pouches let you easily crush pills with no mess, reduce the risk of cross contamination between different pills and pets, while also ensuring your pet gets their full dose.

Custom designed in collaboration with Veterinarians to be used with Kinn’s Krocodile Pill Splitter / Crusher, Kroc Bellys enable you full visual control of your pet’s pills before and after they are crushed, while providing a mess-free way to also transport the crushed pill and then conveniently pour the particles where you want them to go.

Contains: 100 Kroc Bellys

Weight 0.34lbs

藥丸粉末袋(Kroc Belly)

HK$99.00 一般價格
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