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我們接受Visa, Paypal, Payme或銀行轉帳付款。所有貨品之價值均以港幣計算。電子商店的貨品價格有可能因不同優惠微調,貨品以訂購當日電子商店所示之價格為準。


We accept payment by Visa, Paypal, Payme or bank transfer. The value of all goods is calculated in Hong Kong dollars. Due to the different quotations, the price of the goods in the electronic store can be fine-tuned, and the price of the goods is based on the price displayed on the day of the order.


If you selected payment via bank transfer, please pay via bank details provided below:

銀行名稱: 中國銀行

公司名稱: Mono Care Limited
Bank:            Bank of China

Company:   Mono Care Limited
Account :    012 805 0012 6704

銀行名稱: 香港上海匯豐銀行

公司名稱: Mono Care Limited
Bank:            HSBC

Company:   Mono Care Limited
Account :   
121 829246 001

FPS / 轉數快
Mono Care Limited
Code: 9385410



  預約方式 - 請致電或whatsapp 3528 0300 預約。

為提供安全可靠的網上購物服務,電子商店的交易,所有個人資料包括您的信用卡號碼、姓名、地址等,會經過加密,才透過互聯網傳送,防止您的資料在網上傳送時,被未經許可的第三者閱讀。電子商店使用指定信用卡購買保障服務(例如Visa驗證服務Secure Code服務),可以讓您在使用Visa卡時安心及安全地進行網上購物。該服務透過特定的個人密碼或保安編碼,以確保您是唯一有權使用該卡的人。您應使用您自己名下有效的信用卡進行網上購物。

In order to provide secure and reliable online shopping services, electronic store transactions, all personal information, including your credit card number, name, address, etc., will be encrypted before transmission over the Internet to prevent your data from being transmitted over the Internet. Read by a licensed third party. The e-shop uses a designated credit card to purchase security services (such as the Visa Verification Service Security Code Service), which allows you to shop online safely and securely when using your Visa card. The service uses a specific personal password or security code to ensure that you are the only one authorized to use the card. You should shop online using a valid credit card in your name.

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